Legendary i2: new kid on the microphone

Iorfa Israel a 23-year-old Rap, pop, afro fusion/swing artist who goes by the stage name i2. Still in Makurdi, the state capital of Benue.

When he was younger, he began listening to every great song he felt like lyrics to lyrics hiphop/rap appropriately.

He eventually met a few people who recognized his potential and encouraged him to start recording his own songs.

Despite this unique combination, he states that Nas, Wizkid, and Chris Brown inspired and motivated him to pursue a career in music.

The legendary i2, as he is sometimes known, has a few songs to his credit, including Upgrade, which was produced by Joe Waxy, Way, which was produced by Cirus Monster, and Emiliana (cover) which was produced by Kasey.

He also recorded the love ballad “Anytime” to express his passion for creating amazing music.

STEAM i2-Anytime

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