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May 18, 2024

Chief Imo Biography, Early Life, Career, Net worth, Age, Nationality, State of Origin


Chief Imo, whose real name is Longinus Anyaaehiechukwu Anokwute, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, YouTuber, businessman, filmmaker, and media personality.

Chief Imo is well-known as a comedian, particularly for his blatantly sardonic, clever, and humorous comments in motion pictures. He frequently performs with Sister Maggi, Uche Eduzor. When they argue about things, they behave as though they are a married couple, but outside of their comedy videos, they are not.


Chief Imo, who is well-known for his blatantly sardonic, clever, and humorous comments in films, was born in his native Nigeria on May 19, 1979.

In Umuduru, Ekwe, Isu, he was raised by his mother and older sister. He is 44 years old. Imo State’s local government area: Imo State is a state in southeast Nigeria.Of his parents’ six adult children, Longinus is the second child. In addition, his parents had two girls and four boys. He is a Christian and of Igbo descent.



Chief Imo attended Ekwe Central Primary School for his primary education and Ekwe Secondary School for his secondary education. In addition, he attended Army School in Gombe State to finish his primary education, having begun at Ekwe Central School.


Chief enrolled in Ekwe Secondary School but was unable to complete his studies due to financial difficulties. He did, however, move to Gombe to live with his elderly sister, where he finished his junior secondary education at Gantu Secondary School.

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In addition, he enrolled at All Saints Secondary School in Gombe to begin his senior secondary education. However, he lost the older sister he had lived with, so he went back to Ekwe to finish his senior secondary education.

It is impossible to find out anything about his time at university.



Chief Imo began his career in show business as an actor in the Nigerian film industry, popularly referred to as Nollywood. He began with a drama group. He began by performing on stage and in comedies.

It’s important to remember that Longinus Anyaaehiechukwu Anokwute began his career in 2000 in the Nollywood film industry in Nigeria. He has thus worked in the field for more than 20 years and counting.


Children and Chief Imo Wife

Chief Imo has been married for many years to his beautiful wife, Mrs. Anokwute, with whom he has three children.

Longinus Anyaaehiechukwu Anokwute is not legally married to Sister Maggi, despite the impression that he is almost always. Thus, in response to the rumors, Chief Imo acknowledged in an interview that Sister Maggi is his comedy-skit wife and that his real wife is the mother of his children.


Net worth

According to estimates, Chief Imo is worth between $700,000 and $5 million. His work in the entertainment business as a YouTuber, media personality, filmmaker, and movie actor has contributed to his net worth.

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