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May 18, 2024

Babatunde Irukera Biography, Early Life, Career, Net worth, Age, Nationality, State of Origin


The 28th wedding anniversary of Babatunde Ayokunle Irukera, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), falls on Saturday, May 14, 2022. There are numerous areas where Irukera and I agree that are too noticeable to be disregarded. My birthplace is Kaduna, which served as the former capital of Northern Nigeria. When the city was the North Central State’s capital, Irukera was born there. We share the same first name, “Babatunde,” which is typically given to male children in Yorubaland who are born after the death of a father or grandfather. We are the descendants of our grandfathers because, happily, our fathers adopted us at birth. Although I’ve always found it difficult to interact with people whom I have recently learned that Irukera and I were married to our wives on this day, Saturday, May 14, 1994—not just the same day, but also the same month and year!

Interestingly, our wives—who haven’t met yet—are educators in a variety of roles and educational contexts. The Destiny Trust (TDT) is a Lagos-based organization that oversees “Adventure Schools” and, according to its mission statement, is dedicated to empowering destinies. Mabel Foluke Irukera is the proprietor of this institution. She works as a life coach, youth counselor, and consultant for early childhood education. On the other hand, the Department of Quality Assurance (DQA), a division of the Education Secretariat of the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory (MFCT), employs my wife, Funmilayo Kikelomo Olusunle, as a Deputy Director. She had worked as an administrator, an arbitrator, and a counsellor after spending years in the classroom. Both women’s names start with the letter “F.”

Few people had the opportunity to speak with the facility’s owner, but they all knew *Mama Irukera* owned it. In addition, the University of Ilorin (Unilorin), where I studied from 1982 to 1985 and from 1987 to 1989, respectively, had a strong Irukera community. *Baba Ayodele Irukera* was one of the university system’s most senior administrators. We rarely crossed paths with bureaucrats when we were students. However, it was evident that Mama Irukera’s spouse was Baba Irukera.

Coincidentally, one of my siblings, Lydia Ibironke Osasere-Omoruyi (nee Olusunle), attended the Federal Government College of Ilorin (FGCI) alongside a younger Irukera named Tunde. I was a member of a delegation of leaders from the Yagba headquarters in Isanlu, early in October 2014.

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