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May 18, 2024

Magnito Biography , Early Life, Career, Net worth, Age, Nationality, State of Origin


Mohammed Usman Adamu, a Nigerian rapper better known by his stage name Magnito, studied business management at the University of Jos and found his rap talent there. When Magnito was 19 years old, he began rapping.

Childhood & Schooling

Magnito was born in Abuja, Nigeria, on September 15, 1993, and completed his elementary and secondary schooling there. He is from the Idoma tribe, which is located in North-Central Nigeria’s Benue state.

Also, in 2007, he graduated with a degree in business management from the University of Jos (Unijos), located in the Plateau state.

Magnito relocated to Lagos in order to fulfill his rapper ambitions. Although he began rapping at the age of 19, he made his professional debut at the Age of 24.

Career: During his time at Unijos, Magneto learned that he was talented and could rap from his friend “Philosophy,” who is also a rapper there. He typically imitates other rappers by listening to their music, including Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, 2pac, and Biggy.

Mohammed formed the group “Mic Checkers” alongside “Philosophy,” a friend.

He remarked

“When I was in college, I thought I had rap talent. Back in school, I had a friend named Philosophy. I used to sit and try to mimic him while I listened to him rap. It didn’t work out at first, but then I suddenly felt inspired to write my lines, and it was well received. I was taking in other people’s.


Individual Life

In the beginning of his career, Magnito encountered numerous obstacles from his family. Because his family wants him to work with FCDA and start selling land in Abuja, he built his music career. However, rather than returning home after graduating from Unijos, he chose to go to Lagos due to his love of music.

He spent some time in Lagos, where he made Mohammed Basia, a friend, and they both contributed money to his music endeavors.


Net worth

Magnito and Tingo Mobile inked a N20 million brand ambassador contract that was renewable in 2014.

2017: Magnito (unconfirmed) Signs Multi-Million Naira Endorsement Deal With Gamespay

and numerous unidentified transactions

Magnito is one of Nigeria’s most popular rappers. His net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

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