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May 18, 2024

Skepta Biography, Early Life, Career, Net worth, Age, Nationality, State of Origin


born September 19, 1982, at the age of 41

Born in London, England, United Kingdom’s Tottenham, Haringey
London, England; Tottenham; Haringey; United Kingdom

English Grime MC Joseph Junior Adenuga, better known by his stage name Skepta, hails from Tottenham, North London, England. Born to Nigerian parents, he relocated to London at the age of three from Lagos. His ancestry extends even farther back to the Falash Mura community in Ethiopia. He is a producer and DJ who is frequently linked to the North London Grime scene, which includes Boy Better Know and Roll Deep.
Sceptre is the name of a kind of staff, and that’s where the name “Skepta” came from. He felt that he should have a distinct stage name so that he could type “Skepta” in because he did not like the way it was spelled.

Skepta began his musical career by defeating Tempa T in the championship round of an MC competition that drew over 300 competitors. Together with his brother JME, he established a partnership and rose to fame in Greater London thanks to the hit song “Private Caller,” which he co-produced and featured a large number of his Meridian Crew from Meridian Walk in Tottenham.

In late 2005, Skepta, the Managing Director, and his brother JME, the CEO, launched their grime label, Boy Better Know. Big H, the artist, coined the expression “Boy Better Know”.

JME and Skepta then appropriated this phrase. ‘Shut Yuh Mut’ – Boy Better Know Edition 1 was released in early 2006 and features all three artists. Over the years, the album has helped and contributed to numerous Along with JME’s four mixtape releases and Skepta’s September 2007 release of “Greatest Hits,” which was distributed across the country, other artists like Frisco and Wiley also released mixtapes.

Wiley left Roll Deep, a group he co-founded, because he was able to achieve mainstream chart success with them and had two number one hit singles on the UK Top 40 Chart. Additionally, he and Skepta were involved in an ongoing “beef” in which they both produced diss tracks, “Barnet” by Wiley and “House in the Country” by Skepta, which they both posted to YouTube. Skepta, however, has stated in interviews, on Twitter, and during appearances on Ustream that this “beef” was later shown to be untrue.

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