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May 18, 2024

Lagos Witnesses Hardship Protest Despite Police Warning

Adegoke Fayoade, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, issued a warning at the same time as this.

In a statement released on Sunday, Benjamin Hundeyin, the police spokesperson for Lagos, cited Commissioner of Police Fayoade as cautioning planned protestors against using violence or engaging in actions that could violate the rights of others, like obstructing traffic or stopping business operations in the state.

With or without protest, Fayoade gave Lagos State residents the reassurance that the required security measures had been put in place to protect lives and property.

But on Monday, the “Take It Back Movement” ignored the police warning and protested in the streets.

Daily Trust reports that the demonstrators were spotted on the streets with signs in their hands.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has issued a warning, stating that anyone participating in the country-wide demonstration scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday must not be subjected to violence or intimidation.

In a statement released on Sunday by Joe Ajaero, national president of the NLC, the organization stated that it had received information suggesting the government may wish to use state-sponsored measures against the demonstrators.

However, the NLC cautioned that going after protestors would be an expensive error on the part of the government, as the union would guarantee a complete shutdown and removal of services in such a scenario.

The statement also stated that the planned protest will not be called off, despite efforts by the government to intimidate them.

Ajaero pointed out that the removal of the gasoline subsidy has resulted in rising inflation, food inflation, a forex crisis, economic hardship, and a high cost of living for Nigerians, all of which the government must address.

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