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May 18, 2024

Gay Couple Exchanging Rings at Wedding

Man says, “I’d rather marry a fellow man if my wife can’t do my laundry,”

After revealing his laundry preferences, a social media user on the X platform going by the handle @its_mokayo has found himself at the center of an intense online debate.

Using the X app, he tweeted as follows:

Should my spouse be incapable of doing my laundry, I would prefer to wed a man.

Since we would then have a wide range of fascinating topics to discuss, such as football, etc.

When asked who washes his laundry these days, he said:

“I, myself. only due to the fact that I am single.

Because of his response, some people have claimed that he is gay and only wants a woman to help him with household duties.

To respond to the accusations that he was gay, he said:

“Here, I am the most virtuous ninja.”

The tweet has sparked conversations and received a lot of attention on different social media sites.

X Users have weighed in on his tweet. Some have criticized him for encouraging negative gender stereotypes, while others have questioned the motivation behind his remarks.

His tweet controversy brought up a number of issues regarding how partners should divide up household chores.

As the debate on the internet and the tweet go viral




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