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May 18, 2024

woman cries over her “husband-daughter” relationship (VIDEO)

A Nigerian woman going by the handle @manechic_hair has expressed her outrage online about her husband’s infidelity to a younger woman.

Two years after their marriage, she shared a video on her Instagram page revealing that her husband had begun an affair.

The video showed the side chick, who was also their daughter, spending as much time as possible with her husband.

In public, the couple, who have a lovely father-daughter bond, were seen holding on to and feeding each other.

Attaching a caption to the clip she wrote;

“My husband promised to love me forever… 2 years after, he started seeing a younger lady they feed each other on dates, He even carries her bag and doesn’t let her feet touch the ground. How do I manage this situation? Should I just leave ”

Below are some of the comments,

@maryremmynjoku:  Kindly Accept your position in peace. I learnt the hard way 

@dinma_unique:   Side Chicks are powerful, I was once my Daddy’s side chick don’t worry she will grow, go to school, to the University and you will have your man back. Father and daughters love strong ooo 

@hattabtrucking:  You deserve better get younger man then carry him around and use your husband’s money to buy him bottles

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